Are we becoming more independent?

People in the past used to be more dependent on one another, whereas nowadays they lead a more independent life. Do you agree or disagree?

Some people fear that modern life is damaging our relationships with friends and family and resulting in more loneliness and isolation. However, others believe that we are now more interdependent than ever. In this essay, I will examine whether our lives are really more independent than in the past.

It’s easy to see a trend towards increasing independence. First of all, traditional families are in decline. People increasingly do not live in large, extended families, and more and more people live alone. Secondly, people move more, for work or other opportunities, and change jobs more frequently. As a result, friendships and links with family may not last. A third issue is that traditional values of consensus, obedience to authority and respect for elders are changing. They are being replaced by individualism, materialism and self-help philosophies.

However, there are also many things which haven’t changed. Deep down, human nature still seeks affection, advice and support from others. Even if people are physically separated because of work or other commitments, they still seek out the help and companionship of others. A second point is that new methods of communication allow us to keep in touch easily. Facebook, Skype, email, mobile phones and messaging allow very quick and inexpensive communication and feedback. Furthermore, although people may not depend on family as much as in the past, colleagues and professional and social networks can provide even better interaction.

In conclusion, I would say that although it appears that some traditional patterns of support have diminished, people are still intensely social and we are learning new ways to live in groups. Who knows? Some of these may serve us better!

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      In this case, there is a thesis sentence (‘In this essay, I will examine whether our lives are really more independent than in the past’) which tells the reader how the essay will be organized, and each paragraph then has a topic sentence which tells the reader what is coming in each paragraph.

      There is a conclusion: the essay is 275 words long, and there are three examples in each of the paragraphs. There are no or at least not many mistakes – look in the descriptors for the phrase “the majority of sentences are error-free.”

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    Nowadays,more and more people are living independently due to urbanisation and globalisation. I agree that in the recent times the human is less dependent on one another in comparison to that in the past. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons supporting my point of view.
    In the olden days, maximum of the population lived in the rural areas in the cultivation of farms and the entire familys’ money accounted to the fulfilment of the basic necessities . In addition to this, they had to travel long distances in order to purchase goods. Furtheremore, in case of droughts,they had to depend on the provision of loans from landlords for their survival.
    In the present time,every individual is striving to achieve education and move to urban areas for jobs. The infrastructure and the amenities have undoubtedly made urban life comfortable and the choice of each one of us. Cities have all the facilities like supermarkets,malls,parks in its vicinity thereby the life is at ease.However, a single person earns enough to support his family financially, hence being self-sufficient and not relying on others. Moreover bank loans have become so popular that every household is involved in it. These loans cater the needs of people starting from vehicle loan to house loans.One can attain all the luxury of living by paying small installments.
    To conclude, people are no more interdependent in contrast to the past. This change is for the betterment of society and the development of human race.