Effects of ageing on society (short)

In countries such as Japan, the population is getting older. Are the effects of an ageing population positive or negative?

In many countries, the population is getting older. Some people believe that this has negative effects. Other people think it can be positive. In this essay, I will look at the positive and negative impact of ageing.

It is true that there are some disadvantages to an older population. First of all, there may not be enough people to work. The economy will decrease, and the government will have to bring in foreign workers. A second reason is that there will not be enough young people to look after the old people. They might have to go to special homes for old people. A third point is that older people don’t buy many things or spend a lot of money. This will also reduce the economy.

However, there are some advantages to having a lot of older people. First, they have a lot of experience in life and in work. A company with experienced employees will be successful. Older people may also have good viewpoints on life and society and will get on well with others. Another advantage is that old people can teach their grandchildren well. In addition, the schools will not be crowded, and there may be less crime. Older people do not usually steal or fight, and there will also be fewer accidents because they drive more carefully.

In conclusion, older people can contribute extensively to society. However it is best if the society has a balance between the energy of young people and the experience and wisdom of the old.

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