Should dangerous sports such as motor-racing or boxing be banned?

Across the world, millions of people enjoy watching or even taking part in sports such as boxing, wrestling, mountain climbing, bungee jumping and a whole range of other hazardous sports. However, others think that these sports should be strictly controlled or even banned completely. In this essay I will describe why I think it is a mistake to ban dangerous sports, and why people should be able to enjoy the sports they want.

It can be hard to understand why people like dangerous sports so much. In boxing, for example, many people are killed or suffer brain injury every year. Mohammed Ali, one of the most famous boxers of all time, has severe medical problems even as a result of boxing. In addition, some people do not understand why blood and danger is so important. They wonder why boxers need to hit each other or why Formula 1 racers have to crash or risk serious injury in order for other people to enjoy this sport. A third point is that sport is now a big business. Companies, television stations, and sponsors spend a large amount of money on these sports instead of safer alternatives such as swimming or running.

However there are many reasons why people should be allowed to do whatever sport they want. For one thing, even if something is forbidden, people will still try to find a way to do it. The sport will go underground, like cock-fighting in most European countries. Secondly, there is almost no activity which does not have some danger. For example, swimming, running and even walking can all result in injury. But the main reason is that people will always be attracted to sports where they can move faster or go further. Even the motto of the Olympics is ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius,’ Latin for ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger.’ It is part of human nature, and sportsmen and sportswomen are aware of the risk in their sport.

In conclusion, while there are some understandable reasons for worrying about danger in sport, I believe people should be free to watch and participate in whatever sport they want. What we need to do is to ensure that personal safety of the players or athletes is not in danger, and to encourage more people to push themselves and take part so that they can enjoy these activities.

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