Being Rich

Some people say that the best thing about being rich is being able to help other people. What do you think?

What does being rich mean? Does it mean having the most expensive cars, the biggest houses and the most luxurious holidays? Or does it mean being able to use your money to do what you want, enjoying yourself and helping others at the same time? In this essay I will discuss if rich people have a responsibility to help others, and if only rich people can help others.

To begin with, I think being rich is a very relative term. If I have 20 dollars and my friend has only 5, then I am richer than him, even though to a millionaire we are both poor. But I can still help him: we have enough for a meal or two.

Almost all of us, rich or poor, are able to help others. Some people give publicly, while others give without expecting anything in return- not publicity, not a payback, not even gratitude. Some people give time, which can be more valuable than money. Others give expertise or knowledge. Some just give a hand, literally.

Although their time may be limited, rich people also can do all of these, but they can also help in other ways. They are often powerful, and can help change opinions or laws. They have rich friends and together their money and connections can make a difference to an entire society, not just an individual person.

We often hear millionaires say that they want to ‘give something back’- to the community, to their old school, to their sport, or sometimes even to poor people. Bill Gates has his Foundation, fighting malaria and other diseases. But often these gifts come with strings – the rich person is promoting him or herself, saving money on taxes, or just fooling himself that a few million out of a billionaire’s fortune is really helping others. Rich people therefore have to examine their reasons for helping other people to see if they are really just helping themselves.

Perhaps we should be slower to criticize people who help, and quicker to help others ourselves. There will always be poor people in the world; equally, there will always be rich. But whether rich or poor we can all choose to help each other in different ways.

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3 comments on “Being Rich
  1. Sokhim says:

    I would like to see simple essay writing about Being rich is not as being educated. Thank for your kinds

    • writefix says:

      Hi Sokhim! Have a look at the forum ( and perhaps you could write an essay there, or a request for someone else to write an essay on this topic.

      Make sure you have the correct wording of the question, otherwise people may not be sure what you need!

  2. ira says:

    hi everyone! can you comment on my essay pls 🙂 i will appreciate criticisms for my improvement. Thanks!

    Everybody wants to be rich. Each of us has their own different reasons of becoming a multimillionaire. Some people wanted to have luxurious life, others just sought to travel around the world. There are a lot more benefits of being rich, but I think the best of them all is being able to help others.

    Nowadays, numerous multimillionaire individual or groups all over the globe establish foundations for orphanage, home for homeless people, medical missions for a poor community and many other ways to help. All of these being done without expecting something in return. For example, Oprah donated millions of dollars to the victims of Hurricane Katrina; the money was used for rebuilding the houses of the people whose homes were devastated by the calamity. One person helping thousands of people is a big thing. Imagine you were Oprah, what would you feel? Imagine you have millions of dollars in you bank account. Would you spend it to get all the luxurious cars, houses and everything you wanted? You’re only getting happiness for your own. Why not multiply the fun. Help others and put a smile on the faces of hundreds, thousands, and millions.

    To be rich is to be powerful and influential. Not only by giving away money that they can help. They also have the ability to inspire others, if only their money is used in good ways. The rich can motivate other poor people to pursue their dreams, by giving scholarships, or putting up a talent search in the community.

    In a deeper sense, helping others gives you sense of purpose in life and unexplained joy. Material things that you can obtain from being rich is temporary. The legacy you set in the society by being a part of bringing happiness to others is perpetual.