Should foreigners pay more? (short)

In many places, foreign visitors are charged more than locals when they visit cultural or tourist attractions. Do you agree or disagree with this?

Tourist attractions often have two admission prices: one for locals or residents, and one for foreigners or visitors from far away. Some see this as discrimination, while others accept it as being fair. In this essay I will say why I think it is reasonable for foreign visitors to pay more.

I don’t think locals should pay the same as foreign tourists. For one thing, a historical attraction in my country is part of my heritage. My ancestors built it, and I should have free or cheap access so I can know my history. Second, let’s face it : most tourists are rich – or at least richer than us locals. If they can afford to fly from Australia or China to see a castle or a rare animal, than they can pay a few dollars more. In addition, I pay taxes in my country, so I have already paid a lot more from my salary than the foreign tourist who is only here for a few days.

I think foreigners should pay more for several reasons. First of all, it raises money to maintain the attraction. The higher admission fees from foreigners are important in Egypt or Mexico to preserve world-class historical sites. Secondly, tourists pay far more for their flights, hotels, and cocktails. A few dollars extra to visit a museum is nothing. Third, most tourists only visit the attraction once in their lives. Who is not prepared to pay a little extra for a special occasion?

To sum up, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to pay a little extra when I am in a new country, and vice versa. In fact, I’ve already started to save for my next trip!

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4 comments on “Should foreigners pay more? (short)
  1. seyedamir says:

    hi dear ,
    would you please do me a favor and take a look at this essay, and tell me my problems and weaknesses ? because next week is my real IELTS examination and I’d like to cope with my defects.
    Thanks alot

    In many places, foreign visitors are charged more than locals when they visit cultural or tourist attractions. Do you agree or disagree with this?

    It is evident which many nations try to charge the tourists and foreign visitors more than the others in any places, such as museums and historical places. However, some believe that they should be charged as much as the other residents. In this essay I will say why it is rational for foreign visitors to pay more.

    The primary and supreme reason is that tourists bring a great deal of money to the country they want to travel, and this makes the countries to broaden their cultural and tourism activities, as the nations need investment to protect their natural and tourism environments. For instance, Egypt benefits more by the foreign visitor’s attraction, and they try to ameliorate their facilities to make a better access to the pyramids.

    Additionally, those people who claim the idea which says: foreign visitors should be charged as much as the native people, they miss out a vital fact that these kind of passengers make job opportunities into the country, and it would be a fantastic situations for the people to be occupied due to the tourists activities. For example, in popular coastlines, that would be a great condition to build a diving club or some other watery sports which absorb numerous attractions.

    Consequently, it seems to be logical to get more money from tourists than the others. Moreover, that oversea visitors bring out several outstanding opportunities, and a great deal of money could be poured to the destination country, nations would better to try and attract tourists and promote their facilities. In addition, for those countries which have not adequate export, it is the best method to exploit money.

    • writefix says:

      Hi Seyedamir

      Can you post the essay in the Essay Forum (it’s the link on the top: Thanks!

      Hopefully someone will be able to comment on your essay and give you some feedback before you do the exam. Perhaps you could comment on some other people’s essays too?


  2. Blue Sky says:

    Dear Sayadamir,
    One of the obvious comments that I noticed in your essay is that your paragraph are too long and more than the required. Be careful, the suitable number of the words in a paragraph is between 15 to 18 words, if not mistaken.

    Other comments is you didn’t explain effectively the other side view/opinion. You need to show the both side of thinking fairly.

    However, following Mr. Writefix comment above, you should place your essay where it should be. This is not the right location for to place an essay.
    All the best foryour IELTS examination.

    Best Regards.
    Blue Sky

  3. You should not hang your point of argument like that: You must state which side are you in.Either to agree or argue. And also make critical thesis statement..But generaly, the essay is fine.