Essay: Early School Leavers (1)

In the UAE, many students fail to complete their basic schooling. This can cause serious problems for the individual, their families and the country. In this essay, I will examine the reasons why students leave school early, and suggest some possible solutions

There are many reasons why students leave school early. Family problems are one cause. If parents are divorced, no-one may be taking responsibility for the child. If parents are uneducated, their may be little encouragement to do homework or to stay in school. Financial factors are also important. Some students want to work in order to support their families. In contrast, others may have family businesses and not see any benefit in obtaining a high school certificates. Perhaps the main reason why students drop out is for academic reasons. For many students, school is stifling and boring. The curriculum does not challenge them or grab their attention and they are unable to be creative. Others have learning difficulties that need specialist help.

The problem of school drop-out can be reduced by using several strategies. First, educational authorities have to work closely with parents to monitor attendance. They need to follow up and determine the reasons for a student’s absence. In some countries, parents are fined if the children are not attending. Schools also need social workers who can respond to family problems. A second approach is to implement changes in the curriculum so that school is more interesting for students at risk of dropping out. This could mean new methods of teaching or new subjects and facilities in the school. Thirdly, some financial help could be made available in a country like the UAE to encourage students with financial problems to stay in school.

As can be seen, there is no one solution to the problem of school drop-outs. Educational authorities, parents and schools need to work closely together to find the reason for each student’s decision to leave school, and to try to do as much as possible to encourage them to stay in the system.

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