Problem and solution: Ideas: Drug Abuse

Write them down – don’t organize yet.


  • Effect on parents, distress, pain
  • Effect on family (brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, children)
  • Effect on work, productivity, punctuality, career
  • Criminal problems, theft, police resources, smuggling, mafia, underworld, gangs
  • Medical problems, addiction, death, overdose, driving, irrational decisions or behavior, hospitalization, medical resources, treatment, clinics, detoxification, counselling


  • Education, schools, awareness, campaigns, choices, advertising
  • Counseling, treatment, advice, confidential, helpline
  • Communication between parents and children, meals, non-judgmental, firm, close, open communication
  • Close family relationships: brothers, sisters, parents
  • Employment, meaningful activity, activities in evenings
  • Good environment, leisure, sports, friends
  • Expectations

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