Media and Privacy: 1

Should famous people have more privacy? Does the media treat celebrities fairly?

Being famous is not as easy as you think. Newspapers, television and the internet can make you very well-known, but they can also take away your privacy. This essay will discuss whether celebrities are treated fairly by the media.

Famous people depend on the media. Without films, television, magazines, radio, and other media, there would be no money for actors or musicians, and politicians would not get elected. Without advertisements, Beckham would not get huge contracts. However, in return for publicity and even more fame and money, celebrities sell part of their personal and professional lives. Often, their friends and families suffer too.

The media, in turn, depends on celebrity. Sports heroes, supermodels, and politicians fill the pages of our papers and our television screens. But the relationship can easily go wrong. Too much attention from the media can drive some celebrities crazy. The families are affected, and relationships break down. Their work or social life suffers, leading to even more rumors and media stories. Like a pack of wild dogs, the press feeds on its victims and fights over the bones. Sometimes, the media has a duty to do. It must tell the public about some wrongdoing or some crooked business deal. But usually the main business of the media is to sell more magazines or advertisements, and when it has chewed up one victim, the pack will move on to the next.

In conclusion, there is a constant battle between media and celebrities, and often there are human victims. The next time you read about the latest footballer or singer, think about the human behind the story.

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