Ideas: Money as a Motivator

Some companies reward employees for exceptional work by giving them extra money. Is this a good way of encouraging employees to work hard?

This page has ideas for an argument or opinion essay on the question above. You need at least three or four ideas to support whatever point of view you come up with.

Money awards are effective;

  1. Money motivates people, and extra money motivates people to work extra
  2. Employees compete to raise productivity or standards
  3. It is not always possible to promote people, so money is a simple way to reward workers
  4. Money is acceptable for all workers – some may not appreciate a particular present, or some gifts may be insulting

Money is only sometimes effective, or sometimes does not work:

  1. If employees are highly paid, money may not be sufficient. They may prefer other benefits, such as an award ceremony or dinner, a club membership, a travel ticket, a car, a window office, etc
  2. Money may set employees against each other, leading to conflict in the office
  3. It may be difficult to determine the standard or basis for the decision to award the employee
  4. Employees may feel forced to compete

Money is not effective:

  • Employees work for a salary – they do not want to perform like circus animals if paid more
  1. Money trivializes work, which for many professional employees should be its own reward
  2. The amount may not bear relation to what the employee does
  3. If the employer finds it motivating to award money, perhaps the salaries are too low
  4. There are many other ways to motivate employees

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