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These pages will help you with the IELTS Speaking Test and with the PET Speaking test.

The example questions in the next pages change every time you reload the page or press F5. Visit often!

There are three parts in the IELTS speaking test:

  • Part 1: Familiar Topics (3-4 minutes): Home, Work, College, Hobbies, Holidays, Sports, Free Time
  • Part 2: Long Turn (1-2 minutes plus 1 minute preparation): Describe a Person, Place, Thing, Picture, Movie, Book, Historical Figure, Friend, etc.
  • Part 3: Discussion (3-4 minutes): Advanced discussion, analysis, prediction, description, evaluation, opinion, cause and effect, possibilities

Download tips for the IELTS Speaking Test (Word version) (Adobe Acrobat version).

Don’t forget to check YouTube for examples of Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 Speaking!

Here’s one of the best resources out there: from the Australia Network television service, an excellent series of videos and other resources. Start with this cheerful video about IELTS Speaking Part 2 from Lester Chin. You can download videos and transcripts. Amazing resource.Highly recommended!