Driving Licenses, UK

The graphs give information on the percentage of driving license owners in the UK. Write 150 words on the graphs.

Licenses All Adults

Licenses for Younger Drivers

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The graphs show the number of UK adults and younger drivers with licenses in the UK between 1975 and 2010. Overall, there has been a huge increase in the number of adults with licenses, particularly for women.

In 1975, less than half of UK males had licenses. The figure stood at 45%. However, only 25% of women had licenses. Over the next ten years, the number increased steadily for men. It rose to 50% in 1985 and almost 70% in 2005, when it started to level off. However the increase for women was much more dramatic. It jumped from 40% in 1990 to almost 55% in 1995 and then continued to rise. By 2010 the number was almost equivalent to the figure for males, at almost 70%.

In contrast, the figures for young drivers fell steadily. In 1990, about 19% of teenage boys had a license, but this fell sharply to 15% in 2010. The figure for teenage girls fell slightly, from 16% to 14% over the same period.

In conclusion, although more male and female adults have licenses, the number of younger drivers is falling.