Violence in the News

Television news shows many scenes of disasters and violence. What effect can this have on individuals and society?

When we turn on our TV news, we can see people suffering, dying, or being killed. We are shown images of earthquakes, floods, wars, tsunamis and storms. In this essay I will discuss if the effects of seeing all these horrible pictures are negative or positive.

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Watching such scenes of disasters can have negative consequences. For example, we can become fed up. If we see constant suffering in places like Africa, we can think that there is no possibility of change there. We may also stop helping people. Even though we keep giving money, the problems of famine and drought seem to continue. Finally, we may stop caring at all. Images that shock us the first time become normal and we don’t think about the humans that are being affected.

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However, these images can also have positive effects. For one thing, it is important to know what is happening around the world. Without knowledge we become ignorant. Secondly, the footage shows us what real people are experiencing. We appreciate what we have, and more importantly, we start to help the suffering people. We can raise money or donate goods. Sometimes, learning these videos can push us to take action such as going to these countries to work or volunteer or even to fight.

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In conclusion, it can be depressing or uncomfortable to watch these images. However, they can motivate us to improve the life of our fellow human beings. I think we need to think about what we are watching and not just watch for entertainment.

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