IELTS Speaking Topics: Part 2

Here are some Part 2 topics

Describe a film that you really liked:
You should say:
what it was about
when you went to see it with
who you went with

and say why you really liked that film
Describe a holiday you have had:

You should say:
how you travelled
what activities you did on holiday
who you went with

and say if you would recommend that holiday to a friend

Describe an important historical event in your country:

You should say:
when it happened
what happened
who were the most important people involved

and say why it was important to your country

Describe something you own that means a lot to you.

You should say:
what it is
where or when you got it
how often you use it

and say it means so much to you

Describe a child that you know:

You should say:
who it is
how you know this child
what you do together or how often you see him or her

and say what this child means to you

Describe a gift you bought for someone recently :

You should say:
what it was
who you bought it for
why you bought it

and say how giving this gift made you feel

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