IELTS Speaking Topics: Part 2

Here are some Part 2 topics

Describe a teacher that you remember from school:

You should say:
what the teacher taught you
what was good about the teacher
what you didn’t like about the teacher

and say if you think this teacher changed your life in any way

Describe a photograph that means a lot to you:

You should say:
what it shows
who took the photograph
when it was taken

and say why this photograph is so important to you

Describe a technological item that you have that is important to you:

You should say:
what it is
when and where you got it
how it helps you in your life

and say what you would do if you didn’t have one of these

Describe a gift you bought for someone recently :

You should say:
what it was
who you bought it for
why you bought it

and say how giving this gift made you feel

Describe a gift you received that meant a lot to you:

You should say:
what was
when you received it and who from
where the gift is now

and say what this gift meant to you

Describe a film that you really liked:
You should say:
what it was about
when you went to see it with
who you went with

and say why you really liked that film

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