IELTS Speaking Topics: Part 2

Here are some Part 2 topics

Describe a technological item that you have that is important to you:

You should say:
what it is
when and where you got it
how it helps you in your life

and say what you would do if you didn’t have one of these

Describe a child that you know that is special for you:

You should say:
who the child is
what the child is like as a person
what the child looks like

and say why this child is so important to you

Describe a friend that you really like to spend time with:

You should say:
when and how you met
how often you see this friend
what kind of personality your friend has

and say why you like spending time with this particular person

Describe a gift you bought for someone recently :

You should say:
what it was
who you bought it for
why you bought it

and say how giving this gift made you feel

Describe an important email or letter you had to write recently :

You should say:
what the email or letter was
who it was to
what the result of this email or letter was

and say why it was so important

Describe a film that influenced you:

You should say:
what it was about
when you saw it
who you saw it with

and say why it had a strong effect on you

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