IELTS Speaking: Part 3

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In Part 3, you and the examiner discuss some topics related to the topic you spoke about in Part 2. The time limit for Part 3 is about 3-4 minutes. The examiner will help you and move the conversation along.


So if your Part 2 (Long Turn) topic was "Describe something you bought recently," Part 3 might be about buying habits in the UAE, consumers, materialism, shopping, consumer protection, or differences between shops now and in the past, or a prediction about shopping in the future.

If your Part 2 (Long Turn) topic was "Describe a teacher you had in school," Part 3 might be about education, training, the internet and education, changes in education in the last twenty years, the importance of training, etc.

Examples of Part 3

Topic in Part 2

Possible Related Topic in Part 3
Describe a place you visited recently How does tourism affect a country? Does it have some advantages? Can cultures learn from each other?
Describe a friend Is friendship important in your culture? How many close friends can you have? Are friends more important than family?
Describe a child you know

What is the role of parents in raising children? Has the role changed in recent years? Who is responsible for discipline?

Describe an object you like

Do possessions make people happy? Why do people buy things? Are people in your country wise consumers?

Describe a photograph Are images important in your culture? What is the role of advertising? Do films and television influence our decisions?
Describe an historical figure Who are the most influential people in your society? Are there many heroes or role models today? What are the qualities of a good leader?
Describe an important event in your culture How do different cultures celebrate events? What is the importance of festivals? How have special occasions such as weddings changed in your culture?

Successful students:

Comment on the question

  • That’s interesting. I was watching a program about that last week
  • That’s a big problem today. I heard Sheikh Mohammed talk about that in a speech in Dubai.
  • Oh, that’s very difficult to predict! I don’t think anybody really knows what is going to happen.
  • Wow, that’s a tough question. It depends on your point of view.
  • Yes, I’ve often thought about that.

Relate the question to their own experience

  • That’s very important because I am getting married next month
  • That’s an interesting question because I work in computers, so I often wonder what the future of technology will be.
  • That’s a tough question because I am not an economist.
  • That’s funny –  the other day I was in Al-Ain and someone asked me the same question.
  • My kids often ask me the same question

Divide up your answer

  • Basically, there are three ways to look at this problem. One way is to imagine….
  • I think there are several ways to solve this problem. I think one way would be to…
  • It depends on how you look at it. For example, if you were a parent, you would have one opinion, and if you were a student, you might have another perspective.
  • I think two very different things will happen. First of all, there might be…
  • There have been several effects. One effect is that
  • I suppose you could break it up into two or three areas. First…

Use Modals

In the IELTS speaking test, Part 1 focuses on Present Tense, Part 2 on the Past, and Part 3 on the future and modals (can, could, might, may, etc.) You are expected to predict, guess, analyse, relate, suggest and evaluate (give your opinion) in this part.

  • Download tips for the IELTS Speaking Test (Word version) (Adobe Acrobat version).
  • Don’t overdo the “That’s an interesting question.” Use it once, relate it to something, and mean it. Watch this video from to see what happens when someone overuses it…
  • Don’t forget to check YouTube for examples of Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 Speaking!
  • Here’s one of the best resources out there: from the Australia Network television service, an excellent series of videos and other resources. Start with this cheerful video about IELTS Speaking Part 2 from Lester Chin. You can download videos and transcripts. Amazing resource. Highly recommended!