The conclusion is the last part of your essay.

It’s just like a conversation with your friends – you remind each other of the main news or the main thing that happened in a conversation, and then you tell them about the future.

Here are two friends finishing a conversation:

  • Joe: “So, Bill, I still can’t believe you passed the exam!
  • Bill: “Yeah, it feels amazing! Anyway, we’ll celebrate it at the party next weekend! Don’t miss it!”
  • Joe: “Sure! See you there!”

At the end of an essay about punishing children, this is the same as:

In conclusion, physical punishment can be a useful method of discipline. However it should be the last choice for parents. If we want to build a world with less violence we must begin at home, and we must teach our children to be responsible.

So basically, just give the TWO sides of the situation or problem, and then give a suggestion or your opinion about the future or the best answer. Try to use different words than you used in the introduction. And NEVER add new information…

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