Speaking Practice: Answering Questions

In these videos, short pauses have been added to these great ‘Kids/Teens/Elders React to’ videos by the Fine Brothers to let you practice answering questions.

The questions and topics might sometimes be a little different, but answering questions quickly is good practice for Parts 1 and 3 of the IELTS Speaking Test. Most of the topics are current topics based on viral Youtube videos, pop culture, or current events. I’ve just added pauses and the text of the questions.

The videos are in a playlist below – more are being added.

New! MrWritefix Youtube channel!

Check out the new MrWritefix Youtube channel – great links to useful videos for IELTS speaking. Check it out!

Talking Dog Dance Bullying

Click to watch Elders React to Mars Landing


Kids React To… Mishka The Talking Dog!
Kids React To… Where the Hell is Matt?
Kids React To… Bullying
Elders React To… Mars Landing
Teens React To… A 12 Year Old Conversation with Himself in the Future
Teens React To… A 12 Year Old Conversation with Himself in the Future
Teens React To… Gangnam Style, by Psy

The original videos are from the great “Kids/Teens/Elders React To…” videos by the Fine Brothers. Visit the Fine Brothers channel for more great videos.

2 comments on “Speaking Practice: Answering Questions

    If I get the previous question set lt will very helpful for me

    • xuwe shi says:

      Dear mohammand:
      As you see ,my English is not very well and this is the first time that I write letter ,so please pardon me about the wrong in form and grammar of this letter .

      I wonder if you could be kind enough to answer some questions in my studing.

      At first I don’t know how to speak English more fluently .To be honest I haven’t a speaking partner,and I can’t found one ,because my English is too bad.I have to practice speaking English by myself .That isn’t a effective way.Could you help me?

      In the other way ,my vocabulary isn’t very besutiful and the number of it is too low .I have tried to rember some new vocabulary but the result not very well .Most of them ,I needn’t use it.Beside way,I am easy to forgot it .If I don’t rview then every day ,I would forget the better part of them .This is the biggest problem what I have to face .

      Excuse my liberties for interrupting you at this moment.I will be very pleasure if you give me you answer.
      Yours xuwei shi

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