Speaking Practice: Answering Questions: Mars Landing

Watch the videos and answer the questions! Short pauses have been added at the questions, but if you need more time, just hit pause in the video player.

Don’t think too hard – just answer. The questions are different, but answering questions quickly is good practice for Part 3 in the IELTS Speaking test.

The videos are from the excellent ‘Kids React To…’ and ‘Teens React To…” and ‘Elders React To…” series by the Fine Brothers. You can see their Youtube channel here.

Video 4: Writefix Question Time: Elders React To… Mars Curiosity Landing

Here are the questions from the video: (first question is at 1:21)

More Videos!

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  1. So what was that news report about?
  2. What is the point of sending a machine to Mars?
  3. If you were one of those scientists, and this worked, how would you react to that landing?
  4. One of the flight directors has become a little bit of a mini-celebrity. I don’t know if you have seen him, but here’s a picture of him.
  5. You think it’s OK for someone who works in the space program to look like that?
  6. Do you remember where you were when man landed on the Moon for the first time?
  7. Do you remember how you felt in that moment when man landed on the Moon?
  8. The feeling that you had when man landed on the Moon, was there anything else that you experienced in your life that made you feel that way?
  9. Would you have wanted to live on another planet or the Moon if it was safe and possible?
  10. Can you talk about how it makes you feel that humans beings are capable of sending something to Mars like this?
  11. What about aliens or intelligent life? Do you think that’s going to be coming at some point?
  12. Well, if the aliens are watching us what would you say to them, right now?
  13. If we did need to abandon the planet and go to a new planet, do you think we will have learned from our mistakes or do you think humans will miss up the new planet?
  14. Do you think that the human race does enough in terms of space travel and exploration today?
  15. What do you think the future of planet Earth is?

Here’s the original ‘Elders React To Mars Landing’ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsjrAU51IR4


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