Speaking Practice: Answering Questions: Gangnam Style

Watch the videos and answer the questions! Short pauses have been added at the questions, but if you need more time, just hit pause in the video player.

Don’t think too hard – just answer. The questions are different, but answering questions quickly is good practice for Part 3 in the IELTS Speaking test.

The videos are from the excellent ‘Kids/Teens/Elders React To…’ series by the Fine Brothers.  (Link is at the end of this page.)

Video 6: Writefix Question Time: Teens React To… Gangnam Style, by Psy

Here are the questions from the video (first question is at 2:20):

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  1. One word reaction – how do you feel after watching that music video?
  2. Can you do any of the dance moves?
  3. Can you sing some of the song?
  4. What do you think the name of the song is?
  5. Let’s talk about some of the things that you saw in the video. What was this guy doing?
  6. Did you like the video and the song?
  7. Why did you like it?
  8. Do you know what genre this music would be classified as?
  9. Where have you heard of K-pop before?
  10. Well the artist in this video is called Psy…
  11. Does he look like the way pop stars in the US look?
  12. Does this song remind you of any other song you’ve heard before?
  13. And are you now going to listen to more of Psy?
  14. But you loved it!

Subscribe to PSY at his channel: http://www.youtube.com/officialpsy

The videos are from the excellent ‘Kids/Teens/Elders React To…’ series by the Fine Brothers. You can see their Youtube channel here. Great for keeping up with viral videos!

But don’t just watch – practice answering the questions!


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