Introductions in an IELTS-style essay should be kept simple!

Think of about THREE sentences: two sentences introducing the situation or the problem, and one sentence (the thesis sentence) saying what you are going to do in your essay.

Two Sentences: Introduce the problem or situation

This could mean one side of the situation, and the other side of the situation:

Technology allows us to communicate with more people then ever before. However, it can also prevent us from really communicating with those important to us.

It could also mean what some people think, and what other people think.

Many people are strongly opposed to nuclear power. Others, however, think it is the only way to reduce carbon emissions.

It could also be past and present.

Twenty-five years¬† ago, most of the world’s population lived in the country. Today, however, the majority of the world’s people live in cities.

Thesis sentence

Here are three thesis sentences for the introductions above.

In this essay, I will explain how technology can separate us from our families and friends, and say why I think we need to use it more wisely.

This essay will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power, and state why I believe we need to consider using it for our energy needs.

This essay will examine the impact of urbanization on our society, and ask if we should control the growth of cities.

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