PET Speaking: Waiting at the Airport

Move your mouse over the picture. Organize your ideas. Try to talk for 1-2 minutes. Use the timers in the sidebar on the right.

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The picture shows three girls waiting for a plane in the departure lounge at an airport.

They are laughing and having a lot of fun, even though I think they have been waiting a long time. I think they’ve been waiting a long time because they look tired, especially the girl on the left. She is leaning her head on her friend’s shoulder. The girl on the right has finished reading a paper, and it looks like they have been drinking some Seven-Up while they were waiting. As well as that, the airport is crowded, and there are a lot of other people waiting for the next plane.

They all have some hand luggage, but I can’t see any big bags, so they must have checked in their baggage already. They are wearing coats and hats and scarves, so the weather must be cold at the airport or where they are going.