Graphs: Higher Colleges

In IELTS, you will often get two or three graphs or tables, and you have to relate them to each other. Don’t just write one paragraph about each.

The three charts below give information on the gender breakdown, highest level obtained and location of students in the Higher Colleges of Technology in 1999. The Higher Colleges of Technology, or HCT, is a major government third-level institution in the United Arab Emirates. Write a report based on the information in the two graphs.

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Higher College Graduates

The charts shows student enrolment by gender and level in different colleges of the Higher Colleges of Technology colleges in the UAE.

There are clear differences in male and female enrolment. Females outnumber men in all the colleges, with almost 25% more students in Dubai Women’s college than in Dubai Men’s. Ras Al-Khaimah Women’s College has almost 180 students, compared to only 100 in the Men’s college.

Females also outnumber males by level, with almost double the number of men at Higher Diploma level (330 compared to 181). Only at Diploma level does the number of men slightly exceed that of women.

Over half the students are in Certificate level, with less than a quarter at Higher Diploma or Bachelor level.

In conclusion, most students in the Higher Colleges are enrolled at Diploma level or below, and the majority of students are women.

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