Graphs: Introduction

This is the first part of a short introduction to writing about Graphs.

What are Graphs and Charts?

Graphs, charts, and tables are ways of presenting information. Graphs and charts are pictures which show numbers or figures, and tables are just rows and columns of information.

This a table. It shows the population of the world’s top ten cities in 2011.

1 Tokyo Japan 32,450,000
2 Seoul South Korea 20,550,000
3 Mexico City Mexico 20,450,000
4 New York City USA 19,750,000
5 Mumbai India 19,200,000
6 Jakarta Indonesia 18,900,000
7 Sáo Paulo Brazil 18,850,000
8 Delhi India 18,680,000
9 Osaka/Kobe Japan 17,350,000
10 Shanghai China 16,650,000


Here is the same data (for the top ten cities) in a bar chart. Which is easier to read or understand – the table or the bar chart?