PET Speaking: Runners

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In this picture there is a group of runners taking part in a race in a city street. It looks like a big event. There are a lot of people watching and there are a lot of banners and signs in the background. Perhaps it’s a long-distance race or a marathon.

All the runners in the picture are men, so perhaps it’s a men’s race. In the center of the picture, one runner has stopped to help another runner, who is sitting on the ground. The man on the ground is wearing an orange shirt.Perhaps he has cramp or is exhausted. A medic or official in a yellow jacket is running towards him, perhaps to help him or to see if he is ok. The other runners look tired – perhaps it’s nearly the end of the race.

I think the race is being held in the evening. There are long shadows on the road. There are also some leaves on the road, so I think it could be in the autumn, when the weather is cooler and perfect for running.

Photograph: “Marathon Spirit” by Powazny, via Flickr. Permission applied for.