Graph: UK Immigration

The graph shows the number of people entering the UK from Pakistan and India and from the West Indies to settle permanently over the last 70 years.

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Immigration to UK from West Indies and from India & Pakistan

The graph shows immigration into the UK from West Indies, India and Pakistan between 1940 and 1970. There are several trends in the graph, but overall, immigration from India and Pakistan soared just as the number of migrants from the West Indies fell.

First of all, the numbers of people entering the UK before 1952 was low. Fewer than 5000 South Asians and 1000 West Indians moved to the UK, although both numbers grew gradually.

However in 1952 there was a sudden increase in the number of West Indian immigrants. It shot up to 20,000, and then peaked in 1960 at 35,000 before plunging to less than 10,000 a year in 1970.

Immigration from the sub-continent also shot up, but later. In 1962, only 8000 entered the UK: two years later, 28,000 entered Britain, and this number rose again to a peak of 31,000 in 1968.

In conclusion, West Indian and Indian and Pakistani migration followed different patterns, but both rose sharply in the 1960s before falling back

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