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Should gay couples be able to marry ?
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March 26, 2012
11:28 am
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March 7, 2012
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Gay couples is seen to be normal in a society these centuries. And they currently claim to have a legal right to get married  together ! This has become a highly debated issue in many countries  so far. From my point of view, I will analyze two main reasons to oppose this legislation.  

There is no culture or tradition in the world to let men get married together. Since our ancestor, such a case has never existed nor been acceptable. According to tradition, getting married means to have children to inherit our ancestor’s species and gay couple married case will not certainly obtain that . And that why many perceive it as a shame to have a gay in family’s member, for example.   

In addition, gay couple marriage may lead to social problems. In terms law, who will be a husband or wife and how can people identify their gender in society, for example. Moreover, these couples can not have their own children and that would  affect a nation’s population to decrease negatively.   

I, finally, confirm that to preserve our ancestors’ will and avoid social conflicts, homosexual couples should never been legally married. And we would better find the alternative ways to prevent or cure humankind from being a gay.


210 words

I apologise for any rudeness.

March 29, 2012
2:00 pm

So here's an essay on a topic that some people feel strongly about.  What should you do if you feel strongly about a topic? Do you have to apologize, like Youtthasack does above?

What do you think about this topic? What about other controversial topics, or topics in the news at the moment?

  1. Should you be able to write an essay for OR against any topic, regardless of your opinion?
  2. Do you think the examiners expect a correct answer or opinion? Do you have to guess what the opinion is?
  3. What if the examiner has the same or a different opinion? Will it make a difference to your band?
Add your opinion!
March 29, 2012
9:22 pm
Dongguan, China
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March 2, 2012
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if the examiner has the a different opinion, I think it might lower the examinee's band. Because the against opinion might render the examiner feels that the examinee is extreme. 


Actually, what I am really concerned is—— if the examiner himself is a gay, would he be fairly angry? Would this circumstance happen? Besides, I wonder that such a controversial and seems irreverential topic would emerge in the exam.


By the way, in fact, I think the democratic and enlighted society should give the right to the gay couples, due to if not, it might cause some discrimination in society. And the couples would be unhappy. But ignore my view, I think it is truly everyone could give different opinions.


So Joe, I think you are very brave and courageous to give the aginst opinion. You know, some people might give the opposite views which are different to their original opinion, as they are under the vast pressure. I am really admire you.

March 31, 2012
8:22 pm

Thanks Youtthasack (Joe) and thanks Alison for your comment!

Before I comment on the essay and the issues, I am going to add two essays -  one in favor of gay marriage and one against. The point I am making is that the Task 2 IELTS writing is not a test of your ideas, although these should be fully developed and supported, but that the challenge facing you is simply a test of your English.

In other words you should be able to write 250 words for OR against any topic, regardless of your opinion. It's a game, a test, a challenge, just like a school debate. Whether you agree or disagree, you should be able to write about it in a moderately structured fashion, within the 40 minute and 250 word limits.

So here goes -  two examples. What do people think?

March 31, 2012
8:23 pm

Should gay couples be able to marry? -  No!

Recently gay marriage has been in the news again in America, with politicians using the issue to attack rivals or divide opinion in this year's presidential race. However, only a small minority of states allow same-sex marriages, along with only a dozen or so countries worldwide. In this essay I will ask why there is so little support for  same-sex marriage and suggest that it is because most people still believe marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

There are several arguments against gay marriage. Many people are opposed to it on religious grounds. Conservative Christianity, Islam and Judaism generally condemn homosexual behavior and oppose same-sex relationships.  While some religions or societies may tolerate them, such relationships are still viewed as being less desirable than heterosexual marriages.

Other people are against same-sex marriages for cultural or societal reasons.  They suggest that such unions violate cultural norms.  Often, they fear that allowing same-sex marriages will weaken society, particularly the status or position of traditional marriage.

Even many people who are gay-friendly oppose legalizing gay marriage. They argue that while people should be free to form relationships with whomever they want, same-sex marriages are simply a distraction or an excuse for a party. Society can allow freedom of beliefs, but this should not mean rewriting laws or changing the basic structure of society.

In conclusion, it's easy to see why so few countries and authorities have approved same-sex marriages. While some fiercely oppose it on religious or cultural grounds, the great majority have an instinctive reaction to it. In my view, there is no need to change laws or policies on this until most people have changed their opinions.

280 words, 16 sentences, 16 words average per sentence. 35553 layout (some sentences have several clauses)

March 31, 2012
8:24 pm

Should gay couples be able to marry? -  Yes!

In the past, same-sex marriages were almost unheard of, except in ancient legends, remote tribes, or private ceremonies in some cities. While gay relationships were found everywhere, there was no public acknowledgement of same-sex unions. Today however, some countries have legalized same-sex marriages. In this essay, I will ask if it is time to accept that gay people should not have to hide their relationships.

There are several reasons why same-sex marriages should be accepted. First of all, they do not threaten traditional marriages. In fact, they are proof that love is the basis of marriage. Today, when many families force their children to marry and spend vast sums on weddings, it is refreshing to see two gay people come together and celebrate genuine love for each other in public.

Secondly, we need to examine the reality of the traditional family. Millions of children grow up in loving environments in single-parent homes, with common-law parents, with step-parents, or are raised by grandparents or relatives. Millions more grow up in cold, loveless homes where the parents stay together purely because of societal pressures. The traditional family is far from being fixed or perfect.

However the main reason why gay marriage should be accepted is that it exists already in all but name. Many people across the world hide their same-sex relationships because of religious or societal conservatism. Some even maintain empty heterosexual relationships, so their married partners suffer as well. Allowing people to express their feelings for each other would not lead to a breakdown in society. Instead, it would help build a stronger, more caring world.

Overall, it’s time for us to focus on issues such as poverty, war, and the environment, rather than on stopping people from living together and celebrating their mutual love. I hope that more people gradually forget today’s hypocrisy and instead decide to live and let live.

307 words, 19 sentences, average 16 words per sentence, 35553 layout (some sentences have two or more clauses)

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