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Do sports stars deserve such huge salaries?
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July 16, 2012
12:14 pm
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June 25, 2012
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Successful sports professionals can earn a great deal of money than people in other important professions. Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Successful sport players are much more popular and earn quite more than individuals in other important professions. Whether sports stars deserve this is a topic of frequent debate. Some argue that this is fully justified while others deem it unfair. In this essay I will discuss both views and then explain why I am in favor of the first opinion.

As products on the human resource market, our salaries are determined solely by the amount of supply and demand. Our salaries rise if the vacancies provided by employers outnumber the candidates in the society, and vice versa. On the one hand, the supply is very few in the case of “successful” sports professionals. There are thousands and millions of basketball players in China, yet only Yao Ming is “successful”. None of the other players is either famous or well paid. On the other hand, the demand for a successful sports star is massive. Almost every Chinese man are willing to watch commercials featuring Yao Ming drinking Coca-Cola after winning a game. In this case, we are actually paying Yao Ming money for his excellent performance through the Coca-Cola company.

Some people argue that people in other “important ” professions should be paid more than sports stars. They contend that this is essential for the welfare of our society. It is true that certain professions that contributed significantly to the advance of mankind society, such as scientists and engineers, are not paid as well as the sports stars. The reason for this is that the “supply” of engineers and researchers surpasses its demand. Almost everyone could become a scientist or an engineer after twenty years learning and training, but it requires special talents to turn into a world champion.

Overall, I think it is fully justified for sports stars to earn more than professionals in other fields, due to the rarity of such successful players. According to the principle of supply and demand, we need to be unique in order to earn more. Successful sports players are unique.

July 18, 2012
2:34 pm

Hi Lifei

Thanks for this essay. I'm going to leave it to others to discuss the grammar or word choice. Here I'm just going to remind you to watch out for generic sentences which could be used in a million essays:

Generic Sentences

  • In this essay I will discuss both views and then explain why I am in favor of the first opinion.
  • Some argue that this is fully justified while others deem it unfair.

Here are some rewrites of each sentence:

  • In this essay I will explain why I believe sports stars deserve their huge salaries.  OR In my opinion sports stars deserve huge salaries because they are unique and represent our ideals of human perfection.
  • Some argue that these huge salaries are fully justified while others deem it unfair that scientists and doctors earn less.

Good writing goes forward

Another problem with the sentence "...and then explain why I am in favor of the first opinion" is that it forces the reader to stop and go back to check what you mean by 'first opinion.'

Don't make the reader go back. The reader is a goldfish: his or her memory is very short. Keep your writing going forward and don't make the reader jump all over the page.

July 18, 2012
6:22 pm
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May 21, 2012
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Sports always hold a unique place in our life. Be it the ancient Olympics to the modern one, the premier   leagues and the cricket fever each are popular among different sectors of people. Today, life style of most the people have become sedentary. This paves way for them to be attracted towards sport. They intend to play it but unfortunately they are not able to do so because of busy work schedule. This drags them towards watching sports. This attraction has paved way to hike in their salaries. In this essay I would like to explain why its really unfair to pay a sports person mote than other professionals such as doctors, scientists and nurses.

            Sport stars have reached the heights of popularity these days. They are always surrounded by paparazzi. They are  treated as superheroes and would also acquire money through various advertisements. I would like to blame the popularity as the main  reason for the high salaries paid.

                If we go deep into the roots, it is crystal clear that sports men are no more greater than a doctor or a nurse. Sportsmen just entertain the people for few hours. The athlete may gain a great physique or healthy life because of his intensive training process but what do the spectators gain in just sitting and cheering up? Nothing. Whereas consider fro example a doctor or a scientist they spend most of their energy to save others life. I do not think its wise for them to be paid less than a sports person.

           To conclude, each one should be paid according to the amount of work done. The athletes might receive an extra bounce of money through the media hype,

but care should be taken to ensure that the salary offered to them is in par with other professionals.

July 25, 2012
7:16 pm
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June 18, 2012
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hello Lei Fei and madinarafi5  yours are both good essays
first lifei i feel your essay may be around topic because you discuss "demand and supply" it is one idea, so i feel you may not finish task comprehensive
madinarafi5  i think yours is good at expression, grammar and simon-pure words
i rewrite it, welcome comments. i hope you help me use words or ways of expression exactly, thank you
Sports stars not only achieve remarkable success in their profession but receive rewards reaching astronomical figures. Some people take this super return for grant, while others don’t think sportsmen deserve this huge return because their contribution to society is not definitely more than other professionals. In this essay I will analyze some reasons to prove it is fair that pay huge salaries to sportsmen.

In current society, what contributions sportsmen have brought to the whole society include money and non-money term. As well known, television rights and privileged advertisements and tickets revenue are the most visible economic benefit for organizers. Just those Sportsmen are creators of this wealth. In non-money terms, some sportsmen often take part in social voluntary activities and support charity organizations finance more funds. Although competition bonus itself is a large number, compared with intangible influence on non-for-profit activities, it is not an excessive salary.


Some top sportsmen have valuable advertising effects around the world. Some multinational companies always use a number one player in a sport item to open a new market or enlarge market share in a country. Theses commercial return may be difficult to work out, but these companies can reach their objective. In this occasion, sportsmen are like part-time employees who can produce superior profits. So it is rather fair they gain high return like senior managements who earn millions of dollars every year.

Lastly, any sportsman has achieved their success at the price of hard train for years. Many of them started training since they were child. In course of training, they suffer injuries, even became disabled. This is high risky profession, which needs high return.

In conclusion, sports is special a career which is suitable for few people. These few people create enormous economic interests on our businesses and intangible implications on our life after unusual training for years. I think they deserve extraordinary rewards.

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